Vittorio M. N. Passaro

Phone: +39 080 596 3850



Vittorio M. N. Passaro

Full Professor




Fundamentals of Optoelectronics

Photonic Devices and Sensors



Prof. V. Passaro has formed the Photonics Research Group in 2004 and leads the activities of the Laboratory of Photonics (PhotonicsLab). The group is mainly active and internationally well known in many topics of Integrated Optoelectronics and Photonics, including modeling and design of guided-wave optoelectronic and photonic devices for optical signal processing and sensing, microwave photonics and nonlinear optics, modeling and simulation of fiber optic sensors and optical telecommunications devices and systems, design and fabrication of silicon-based and other Group IV photonic devices operating from visible to mid IR wavelength range, design of opto-mechanical devices, design and simulation of quantum devices for high performance sensing and detection, generation of entangled photons in integrated platforms, design of Parity-Time Symmetry optical devices, design and prototyping of electronic circuits. Several application fields are involved, such as telecommunications, aerospace, environmental monitoring and biomedical. Collaborations are established with many important international and national research groups, including those from University of Southampton, University of Massachusetts at Boston, University of Trento, Technical University of Denmark, Russian Academy of Sciences, City University of London.


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